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Learn What Fall Prevention Can Do For You

Imagine it: you’re a caregiver in a nursing home facility, administering medication to one of your patients. It’s evening and the building has quieted down for the most part; many residents have already turned in for the night. As you finish with your patient and are gently closing the door behind you, you hear it.

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4 Ways To Give Your Facility A Competitive Edge

Operating a nursing home facility is a complex business. Staying compliant and cost-effective is a challenge in itself, particularly when combined with the need to remain patient-focused. It can be a difficult balancing act to ensure you are running a successful business – which includes keeping your staff happy – while still providing high quality

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Why They Care: What Motivates Nursing Home Staff Today?

Working in a care facility today is growing more and more difficult for the caregivers and nurses who have risen to meet the challenge of providing care for an aging population. Right now, nursing homes must prepare for the day when the Baby Boomers require the help of professional caregivers. At the same time, ongoing

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Call Systems Are Out, Modern Tech Is In! – Preventing Falls In Care Facilities

Has your facility ever used resident-activated call systems? If so, you’re not alone. Many long-term care facilities were once likely to invest in call systems to increase safety and elevate consumers’ opinions of their operations. Today, however, nurse call systems have proven to not always be the most effective and practical tool for residents. Many

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Identifying and Addressing Nursing Home Staff Burnout

caregiver burnout

On average, one year in a nursing home costs $91,000. This begs the question: what are long-term care facilities doing to keep their costs down for their residents and their families, if anything? On Twitter, one response we got from a nurse was particularly troublesome: There were four residents per room at her nursing home,

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