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Caring for Patients with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer most often caused by a long-ago occupational exposure to asbestos, typically striking those in the retirement stage of life. Although there is no definitive cure — and a diagnosis is met with considerable gloom and doom — recent therapeutic advances have begun extending lives significantly, raising the importance

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Remembering To Remember: Caring For Patients With Alzheimer’s

Both the holiday season and the transition into a new year tends to revolve around nostalgia and fondly reminiscing on the seasons of our past. But what if you had no recollections of these previous periods? What if these warm memories simply eluded you?  This is the tragic state of affairs for nearly 50% of

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What Matters to Families in an Assisted Living Community

what families look for in assisted living

Choosing a long-term care facility for aging loved ones isn’t easy. Consumers need to know that their needs are being met and that the potential resident will be able to enjoy good quality of life at your community. Although nursing home ratings may help families see how you stack up against your competition’s staffing levels

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What to Do After a Resident Falls

What do you think the top cause of nursing home injuries is? If you guessed falls, you guessed correctly! When an elderly resident in your community falls, the severity of the injury can range from minor scrapes to serious head trauma and even death. Even more worrying is that you can have the most effective

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5 Things that DON’T Prevent Nursing Home Falls…and One That Does

prevent nursing home falls

Every year, a typical 100-bed nursing home reports 100-200 falls, according to the CDC. Of course, those are only the ones that get reported. And these falls are not just a “nuisance” — nearly 2,000 nursing home residents die from falls annually. And 10 to 20 percent of all nursing home falls result in serious

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Identifying and Addressing Nursing Home Staff Burnout

caregiver burnout

On average, one year in a nursing home costs $91,000. This begs the question: what are long-term care facilities doing to keep their costs down for their residents and their families, if anything? On Twitter, one response we got from a nurse was particularly troublesome: There were four residents per room at her nursing home,

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Caregivers have critical, specialized skills that we need more today than ever before!

As U.S. population ages, direct care health workers bring critical skills and value to health… Martha Ross kicks off a series of blog posts on the critical role of direct care health workers, particularly as the U.S. confronts the challenges of an aging population that will require more health care services.