Fewer Falls and Skin Breakdowns while Cutting Costs and Increasing Staff Efficiency…Guaranteed.

The Hello Nurse System provides constant monitoring and directed alerts to caregivers at the first sign of trouble.

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Cut Down On Response Time

Whenever attention is required, the wireless receiver sends out direct alerts to caregivers, facilitating a quicker response time.


Hello Nurse works with your existing systems, allowing for easy installation, maintenance and use.

Improve Response Time & Quality of Care

The Hello Nurse system significantly minimizes falls, pressure sores, and skin breakdown, which increases the overall quality of care.

Safety & Peace of Mind

Hello Nurse delivers peace of mind to families knowing that their loved ones are being tended to promptly and properly.

"The Providence Point Healthcare Residence began working with Hello Nurse in February of 2015. As part of our continuous performance improvement initiatives, Providence Point had identified resident falls as a quality measure we wished to improve. Our intent was to improve our systems to decrease resident falls in order to achieve improved outcomes for the residents we serve."

Healthcare Administrator, Providence Point

"By implementing the Hello Nurse wireless resident monitoring system we have seen a reduction in falls of the residents who have utilized this monitoring system. Our caregivers receive an alert that goes directly to a pager and lets us know the room of that resident, enabling for a quick response. We are very pleased with the Hello Nurse system."

Director of Healthcare

"As a nurse, I always want to make sure that my residents receive the best care possible. Since we began using Hello Nurse, we have been able to utilize the technology to monitor resident movement so that the staff can respond in a timely manner to assist with care and reduce the potential for falls."

LPN, Regional Nursing Care Facility

"Hello Nurse is an amazing concept, not because of its technology, but because of the practical implications of its technology. If someone you love can be better protected from falls, or the health and dignity-related issues of incontinence in a more efficient and cost-effective way, health-care providers have a responsibility to act."

VP, Development, Baptist Homes Foundation

"Hello Nurse assists us in providing resident centered care and providing our resident needs, and the information that is received will help us improve on the care that we provide."

LPN, Regional Nursing Care Facility

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