Better Monitoring.
Better Prevention.
Better Care.

Offering intuitive and efficient wireless monitoring systems for care facilities and the home.

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Better Quality of Life

Hello Nurse measurably reduces falls, bedsores and skin breakdown in bedbound residents, as well as monitoring incontinence, IV-drips and medicine schedules, making your facility heathier, happier and more efficient.

Simple, Flexible, and Scalable

Fully wireless, Hello Nurse works easily with your existing systems, is intuitive to install and use, and makes equal sense for large nursing home facilities or private care at home.

Reduce Response Times, Increase Efficiency

Our patented wireless receivers notify caregivers right away when attention is needed, and can automatically log all data for easy reports and compliance.

The Ultimate Gift - Peace of Mind

Give residents the highest level of attention and care, and their family members greater peace of mind.

"By implementing the Hello Nurse wireless resident monitoring system we have seen a reduction in falls of the residents who have utilized this monitoring system. Our caregivers receive an alert that goes directly to a pager and lets us know the room of that resident, enabling for a quick response. We are very pleased with the Hello Nurse system."

Director of Healthcare

"As a nurse, I always want to make sure that my residents receive the best care possible. Since we began using Hello Nurse, we have been able to utilize the technology to monitor resident movement so that the staff can respond in a timely manner to assist with care and reduce the potential for falls."

LPN, Regional Nursing Care Facility

"Hello Nurse assists us in providing resident centered care and providing our resident needs, and the information that is received will help us improve on the care that we provide."

LPN, Regional Nursing Care Facility

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