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Learn What Fall Prevention Can Do For You

Imagine it: you’re a caregiver in a nursing home facility, administering medication to one of your patients. It’s evening and the building has quieted down for the most part; many residents have already turned in for the night. As you finish with your patient and are gently closing the door behind you, you hear it.

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Call Systems Are Out, Modern Tech Is In! – Preventing Falls In Care Facilities

Has your facility ever used resident-activated call systems? If so, you’re not alone. Many long-term care facilities were once likely to invest in call systems to increase safety and elevate consumers’ opinions of their operations. Today, however, nurse call systems have proven to not always be the most effective and practical tool for residents. Many

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What to Do After a Resident Falls

What do you think the top cause of nursing home injuries is? If you guessed falls, you guessed correctly! When an elderly resident in your community falls, the severity of the injury can range from minor scrapes to serious head trauma and even death. Even more worrying is that you can have the most effective

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5 Things that DON’T Prevent Nursing Home Falls…and One That Does

prevent nursing home falls

Every year, a typical 100-bed nursing home reports 100-200 falls, according to the CDC. Of course, those are only the ones that get reported. And these falls are not just a “nuisance” — nearly 2,000 nursing home residents die from falls annually. And 10 to 20 percent of all nursing home falls result in serious

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Can Your Nursing Home Afford Another Fall?

Resident falls can be a particular challenge for nursing home staff and administrators. They occur frequently and can have a significant impact on residents’ quality of life and facility operations. According to the CDC, 1.4 million adults age 65 or older live in nursing homes — and that population is expected to reach 3 million

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