How it Works

Simple Installation

Simply place a Hello Nurse pressure pad on a chair or bed, or a Hello Nurse sticker to the outside of a brief. These communicate wirelessly with a receiver, which can manage up to 30 residents each. Easily expand this capacity by adding repeaters.

Instant Alerts, Accurate Attention

When a resident attempts to stand or experiences a void, an instant alert is sent to a device, or multiple devices of your choice (cell phone, pager, tablet or ticker), notifying the caregiver of the type of alarm as well as the resident’s name and room number, allowing the caregiver to respond accurately and immediately.

Easy & Accessible Data

While alerting a caregiver, the patented Hello Nurse software simultaneously logs and records all alert and event data. Reports can then be easily generated and used for staff performance, family meetings, determining incontinence patterns and deciding if residents need the use of different equipment.

Assured Attention and Peace of Mind

Only once a caregiver has responded to the event can they clear the alarm by resetting the transmitter. This ensures timely care for the resident, and peace of mind for their loved ones off-site.

Assured Response

The caregiver can respond quickly to the event and can only clear the alarm by resetting the transmitter.

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