Our Technology

Hello Nurse uses unique technology to address some of the most common and persistent issues in elderly care.

Incontinence Monitoring and Skin Breakdown Prevention

Extended contact with wetness is one of the leading causes if skin infections in nursing residents. Specially designed Hello Nurse sensors, designed to fit any and all briefs or pads, detect moisture and send an alert wirelessly to the central monitoring screen. A caregiver can respond quickly to the event, and only clear the alarm by resetting the local transmitter.

Fall Prevention

Hello Nurse pressure pads detect movement for high fall risk residents who may be attempting to stand. Wireless alerts are sent to the central monitoring system, the only of its kind, allowing staff to provide immediate attention where needed.

Monitoring and Reminders

From IV-drip monitoring to scheduling medication reminders, Hello Nurse is there to support you with caregiving.

Repositioning & Turn Monitoring

Preventing bedsores is a serious concern for bed-bound residents. Hello Nurse sensors make precise turn monitoring simple, with customizable alerts sent right to caregivers’ devices. When the caregiver resets the transmitter, the event is automatically logged in the software, giving a wealth of data and streamlined compliance.

Call Button Alerts

Hello Nurse transmitters are designed with a Nurse Call push button, creating an instant network of nurse call nodes to keep residents connected to the help they need. Since Hello Nurse is wireless, there is no need for expensive IT upgrades to get the system going.

Help is on the way

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