ECO Air Bed Pad


Product Description

Air pressure + Fall Monitoring (Medicare approved)

A new revolution, patent pending of FULL-FEATURED Bed Sensor Pad to Monitor and Detect the Early Stage Resident’s Bed Safety Status  & integrated with Air pressure feature

  1. Lying Flat
  2. Sitting up on Bed
  3. Sitting close to the edge of bed
  4. Getting out of  bed
  5. Air pad for  relief of  Bed Sores
  6. Reposition  Reminder for preventing Bed Sores

Wireless Alerts Sent to 

  1. Mobile Phone
  2. LED display ( Optional )

No Alarm by the Bed side !

Data & Analytics

  1. Recording all the alerts, rates, and moves 
  2. Review all Activities and share report

Prevents Pressure Ulcers and Bed Sores 

 Air Pressure Features

  1. A surface designed to reduce friction and shear, 
  2. Inflated 2.5”  or greater cell height of the air cells t
  3. Frequency of air cycling (for alternating pressure overlays), and air pressure provide adequate patient lift, reduce pressure and prevent bottoming out
  4. Durable, waterproof cover